The Bones of the Drachen

The Beginning


The movie opened with a quick introduction of the main cast; Dimitri, with his funny hat, squeezing vegetables at the Marketplatz, Avillynne working at her job at the Brewery, Scarlett disembarking from a riverboat at a dock, Liam standing watch at his job, and Ksenjia unloading a cart of pelts for sale.

The credits roll, and the next scene took place disjointedly. Each of the heroes woke up in a small room with bare metallic walls, lying on a transparent slab of some sort, atop a clockwork device of unknown purpose. Alarms started ringing, and one by one the doors opened (Ksenjia made a particularly impressive entrance, falling from the ceiling), and the Heroes grouped in a common area, working out their linguistic issues. More alarms blared into life, and three constructs charged the group from out of a hatch in the floor. In a great show of special effects, one of the constructs melted down and exploded, although in a moment of bullet-time badassitude, nobody was injured meaningfully. As the last construct was dispatched by Dimitri’s Sidhe blade, something happened. A blue wave of energy ran down the sword to the hilt, was met by a burst of green energy there and dispersed, then proceeded back into the construct. In that moment, the walls turned neon red, the alarms grew to unbearable levels of noise… and the camera faded to black.

All of the heroes woke up in their own lodgings, with nothing disturbed, exactly as they had gone to sleep; except with one addition. Each hero found an object resting on their sleeping form. Once done examining the object, each received a letter, brought by courier, from a man known as Fredrick of Jarlsburg. He offered them each 10G to meet with him that evening, and discuss a proposition, the details of which he made no hint of in the letter.



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