The Bones of the Drachen

The Delivery


With the information gathered in the previous scene, the group planned to stake out both the locations they had heard about. Ksenjia went to stake out the manor, and the rest went to stake out the Heart of the Drachen Cathedral, with Scarlett on point. She sat between two scholars on a bench, effectively blending in with her surroundings.

The camera followed a dark-cloaked figure from the manner, unseen by Ksenjia, who made his way across town. He was spotted entering the Cathedral, and the group trailed after him, down into the catacombs. They went through a large abandoned hall, followed by two long rooms of tombs, and then descended again. They found two men speaking Montaigne down on the second basement floor of the catacombs. They listened, and heard them speaking of family, and other small talk. The elder voice started talking about Spring all of a sudden, and started walking back towards the stairs. The group circled around the pillar, trying to stay out of sight, but one of them noticed a blob of darkness somewhat darker than expected hiding in one of the alcoves. Before the group could react, a man sprung from the alcove and ran up the stairs.

A chase ensued! Ksenjia, having gotten a slow reaction to the man running out, decided to tackle the second man, who was mostly polite and offered no resistance. She learned he was Yan Riché du Paroisse, and that the man running was his younger brother, Felipe. Yan reluctantly told Ksenjia that his brother had told him he was on business for a dangerous man from Montaigne, eventually declaring that he believed it to be Le Empereur. Yan cooperated for the most part, but responded to threats with a threat of his own: his elder brother Albion is one of the best duelists in Montaigne, and Yan would regret needing to ask for his assistance to defend the family’s honor.

The chase, meanwhile, led back the way that the group had come. Felipe proceeded to cut down two of the three chandeliers in the great hall that they had passes through coming down, swinging from the first and third, and running across the second in a feat of amazing acrobatics and drama. Liam nearly caught him at that point, but he managed to retain his feet. After that, he made it outside. Dimitri and Scarlett had a comedic mishap with a cart that removed them from the chase. Liam and Avillynne manage to maintain their ground, until Felipe made a daring leap across the Rostrom River using a loading crane to make his escape. He gave the two an over-elaborate salute from the other shore, and proceeded on his way.

Afterwards, the group reconvened at Fredrick’s estate. He asked them to continue working on the case, paid them for their work until now, and they all agreed.



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